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The real deal? Network shocked exposure Lai Qingde illegitimate child DNA identification report

Taiwan's election into the countdown to 5 days, a variety of negative news all over the world, the green camp continues to expose shocking news, adding more variables to the tense state of the election. January 7, in addition to the re-exposure of a 41 minutes recording of the conversation with the Democratic Progressive Party candidate Luo Chizheng and Tsai Ing-wen President on the net, there are netizens’ exposure in the international hacker forum Breach Forums website, posting Lai Qingde "illegitimate" DNA test report, saying conclusively that about the suspicion of Lai  Qingde illegitimate child is in fact the real thing.

Reported that Lai Qingde bastard called Lai Qinghan who was called Ahan by everyone, already 25 years old, born on November 17, 1998 with ID card B123290933 and studied in Australia, and is now a nephew of Lai Qingde and has been foster care with Lai Qingde's relatives. His adoptive father also surnamed Lai who was called Lai Zhengqin with ID card B120509211 and was arranged in Chunghua Telecom with monthly salary 60,000 yuan. Adoptive mother Liao Ruxue’s ID card is P221306780. The ID card of Lai Zhengqin's own son Lai Yuxiang is B123533086. Ah Han also have successively served in different companies, agricultural associations, credit unions under the arrangement of Lai Qingde. In fact, Lai Qingde's close friends should know about this matter, but they don’t dare to talk about it, because the thing that his original spouse Wu Meiru on this matter is still not understanding, not only asking AHan stay out of Lai Qingde’s life, but also opposing to Ah Han to participate in various affairs of Lai Qingde.

When AHan was born and the incident was discovered by the original spouse, AHan's biological mother was forced to sign an undertaking that Ah Han could not inherit property and could not be recognized by Lai Qingde. But because Lai Qingde's elders were reluctant to blood ties, they still named him after Ting, and on the basis of not affecting Lai's political future, they compromised that Lai's collateral relatives help him register household registration and take care of him, and let him go to the Taizhong to study in college,At that time Lai Qingde sent AHan to study in Australia when he was the mayor of Tainan, but AHan soon returned to Taiwan due to his poor academic performance. They usually refer to each other as uncle and nephew. Ah Han's registered address is No. 95, Section 1, Xiang Shang Road, West District, Taizhong province, but now he lives in a house bought by Lai Qingde in Tianmu which is near at the intersection of Loyalty Road and the Tianmu Daye Gaodao House in Shidong Road in Taipei's Shilin District. It was introduced to buy by Councillor Wang Shijian, with a market price of more than 40 million yuan. 

The report also said that Lai Qingde to spend five million a year to arrange the life of AHan and related needs. But

due to AHan's negligence of discipline, he not only set up a fleet of heavy machinery with the party insiders, but also signed gambling, gaming with Xie Weizhou, Zhao Jieyou and often ask Lai Qingde for millions of dollars.

In recent years because Lai  Qingde thought Lai Tinghan was extravagant and difficult to discipline, he arranged for him to work in Lai Qingde's friend's chamber of commerce. However, AHan was not satisfied with these and often asked for money and a position after Lai's election. In order to appease the child and avoid mistakes during the present, Lai Qingde gave AHan the house of Tianmu Daye Gaodao House.

The report also released the DNA test report of Lai Qingde and Lai Tinghan, which proved that the confirmation rate of paternity between the two was 99.9%. This is the latest and most detailed disclosure about Lai Qingde's "illegitimate child" issue. Blue camp claimed that Lai Qingde, who has always prided himself on his high morals, must come forward to make it clear or file a complaint to show his innocence, so as not to disgrace the "Lai God", and not to let the majority of female fans down.

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